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Image by Marissa Grootes
Image by Marissa Grootes


Unless you have the time and experience needed to manage your projects and interact with local jurisdictions, it is important to delegate to a team that is dedicated and experienced in permitting who can help get your project approved. Texas Permitting Solutions has the experience, knowledge and dedication to get your project started at any stage. We can help to get your project approved as quickly as possible avoiding costly delays. 

We work with homeowners, contractors, architects, engineers, draftsmen and jurisdictions to ensure each project receives the attention needed.

You wouldn't hire anyone but the best framer, electrician or plumber for your project, why would you hire anyone but the best to obtain your permits and get your job started correctly?  Texas Permitting Solutions has the knowledge to help you with Subdivisions, Site Plans, Commercial Projects, Residential Projects, Rezones, Variances and Vacations.

Locations Served

While our name states Texas Permitting Solutions, we service several states to include Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, Wyoming and Michigan. We have teams in each state that can help facilitate in person permitting allowing each permit to get the personal and in-depth attention needed. 

About Us

After working for jurisdictions in Williamson County and experiencing how difficult the permitting process is Shae quickly realized how much of a need there is for contractors to have someone they can trust to help facilitate the permitting process. Shae stepped away from the municipal side of permitting and started working for a private firm. She saw the need for a customer focused, family based permitting company that knows code, what is required for each project and someone who can help obtain permits so that contractors can trust so they can focus on what is really important; their clients.

Our contractors trust us to get their project done correctly. We have the experience and knowledge to help get your project permitted.

Meet The Team


Shae Willard

After graduating from Arizona State University, Shae went on to work for multiple jurisdictions learning all that is involved in the permitting process.   Shae has spent years learning what jurisdictions require, building codes and what it takes to get permits approved. This experience is what allows Shae to have uniquely unmatched expertise to help clients obtain permits and have a successful project.


Billy Willard

After graduating from Texas A&M University in College Station, Billy went on to have a successful Military career. Following the military he continued his service as an executive with the Federal Government within the Department of Defense. He has over 25 years of executive and strategic leadership experience, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.



Director of Collections and Naps.

Our goal is to help make permitting easy and stress free for all of our clients.  After seeing the stress contractors went through attempting to permit their projects, we knew there had to be a better option. We approach each project with this in mind, ensuring our clients can focus on what is really important; their clients and projects.


737-240-6269 (Cell)

512-543-1865 (Office)

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